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Feeling stuck is awful. It doesn't matter if you feel stuck because you're working a job that meets only one of your needs, your ongoing financial responsibilities.It doesn't matter if you've settled into patterns that are working hard grooves into your daily experiences. Stuck is stuck. Buying a house could worsen the problem. But, it doesn't have to.

Homes that travelers and eclectic folks can love

A house in a communal environment increases the chances that someone will be home even when you're not. Communal homes may involve two families sharing the same house. Another communal living option may find you sharing a communal garden, an apartment or a house with several single people.

Moving into a communal house can keep you from feeling alone, especially if you are new to a city. Other people living in the house can introduce you to popular, cultural and educational hot spots. It could be why Millennials are moving into communal properties. This living takes the guesswork out of a getting around a city.

But, your personality might not fit communal living. You might want more privacy. Yet, you don't want to feel stuck. Try moving into a house that has plenty of bay windows. landscape views and windows encased in picture frames. You may feel more connected to nature and outdoor experiences happening right outside your home.

Go for a house with lots of space options

Long, wide front and back lawns will give you the space to roam without having to leave home. On mild weather days, spend as much time outdoors as you can. Enjoy reading a good book, de-weeding your garden and finishing a hobby or personal project outdoors.

Houses with large porches fit these needs. If you live alone and don't want to rush into a relationship just so you won't feel lonely, you could turn your basement into an apartment and rent out the space. Money from the rent could cover the cost of airline tickets to visit faraway historic sites.

You could also spend the rent money to buy another property in a town or country that you visit frequently. To open yourself up to more space, opt for a house that's on enough land to let you add on rooms. Use these rooms to pursue your dreams. As an example, if you've always wanted to design video games, you could add a room onto your house and use this space as your design studio. For dreams like operating a greenhouse or pet training facility, choose a house that has several acres of backyard room.

The right house will meet most, if not all, of your personal, work and hobby needs. There will be enough space to accommodate your gig work, growing family, visiting relatives and your pets. You'll feel connected to your neighbors without losing privacy. Find the perfect house and you won't feel afraid to leave home while you venture on domestic and international travels. Friends will love hanging out with you at your new house. You definitely won't feel stuck.